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Say I quit the game on the space the mystery gift messenger stands on in a Pokemon center, then next time I got on the game I received a mystery gift. What would happen When I started the game?

I think that your sprite will overlap the messenger's and you will be able to walk out of them.  OR the messenger will not spawn and you will need to leave the pokemon center.
They probably thought of this and made it so the delivery person won't appear if you stand there. In past games, similar situations with Cut trees caused glitches with the game, so they definitely would have done something to stop anything weird from happening in this game.
That is a great question.

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I just did this with the Game Sync woman (the one who you pick up items from that you bought off the Global Link). I stood on the tile next to the PC as close to the counter as I could get. The woman spawned in front of me. After that, I stood in the spot she appeared (aka the tile she spawned the first time) and she spawned behind me.

I conclude Game Freak made the woman spawn on a different tile as to not glitch the game.

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