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I still haven't picked up my Diancie, Shiny Rayquaza or Jirachi from the lady in the Pokémon Center in Alpha Sapphire. Is there a limit to how many I can have stockpiled on her at once? If so, do I have enough room to get the Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yveltal mystery gifts? A quick answer would be very much appreciated as the Shiny Xerneas event ends on Tuesday.

I would assume that the limit is either six or infinity. Why don't you just go and pick up your Pokemon?
Because I was planning on sr'ing for good natures so I can use them in friendly battles, which can sometimes take quite awhile for only one Pokémon given how much my game loves to give me a Mild Diancie.
Frankly, you should be SRing for Natures 1 at a time as they come in.  I'll be honest, I don't know how the pick-up procedure works if she has more than 1 distribution Pokemon, but the point of SRing would be to check 1 at a time then save the one you want.  If you collect multiple Pokemon at once, and only 1 has a favorable Nature, you'd lose out on the others, wouldn't you?

Doing multiples at once is at best counter-productive, and at worst a downright waste.

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There actually is a limit. It is 24. You can only have 24 Wonder Cards max. If you have NOT picked up all 24 (assuming you had the maximum amount) Pokémon and/or items and you delete a Wonder Card, that Pokémon will be deleted and can not be picked up. (Note: Deleting a Wonder Card doesn't change the effect whether you have the max or not) Also, you can not pick up anything from the event woman when you have a maximum of 24 Wonder Cards. However, if you pick up a Pokémon and delete the card AFTER, then nothing will be deleted and you can free up a space for a new item or Pokémon.

The limit is 24 Wonder cards he's talking bout stacking Pokemon in the center.
The answer is still 24. Let's say there were 25 events with Pokémon and he got the first 24 and never picked them up. Now let's say that he wants the 25th. He would have to delete a Wonder Card. The woman has the 24 Pokémon waiting to be picked up. He forgets to pick one up and deletes a Wonder Card. That Pokémon is deleted and can no longer be obtained. The woman now has 23 and he has 23 Wonder Cards. He gets the 25th Mon and now is back to 24 for the woman and 24 cards.
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It doesn't matter, I also did the same thing I stockpiled the Moltres, Zapdos, Xerneas and Articuno and still got them.

Source: Experience.

Thanks! Now its time to finally SR my Diancie lol
but you can only get them in the order you got them in for eg if you got your Rayquaza before Diancie you'll have to SR Rayquaza before getting Diancie.