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It said on the distribution page that you can only receive the Pokemon between two specific dates, so I assumed that if you change your 3DS clock, you'll be able to get it. But it didn't work, why? Specifically, how do they distribute it? Do they put some program into the game? Do they send out radio waves?


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The Mystery Gift System works by an online prize distribution from the makers/creaters of Pokemon.

There are several types of mystery gift transfers:

  • via. local wireless
  • via. internet
  • via. code
  • via. infrared

Using these options, you decide how you want to receive to gift. The most common one that people use is via. internet, since its free to everyone and only available for a certain time. You will get notifications from Pokemon sites telling you what has been released and when it will end.

Via. code is used for codes that the makers have given out, or finding a code when you watch certain movies/films etc.

You can also send gifts to friends when you received a card, therefore they can enjoy is too.

Basically, the mystery is a free gift system where people are free to earn rare Pokemon and gifts.

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It doesn't work like that.

Regardless of what your 3DS' clock says, the Mystery Gift is only sent out or redeemable between the two actual dates. For example, if there was a Kecleon event set between May 1st and May 12th, gift would only be obtainable from the internet on those days. Setting your 3DS clock back to May 5th wouldn't work, because it is not May 5th in real life.

Thanks, but it's sad that I can't do that. For the Torchic event in XY, I just got a 3DS, changed the the clock to the time of the event, and was like "YAY!!! I'm gonna get a Torchic!!!"