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I currently use Aegislash, but Eviolite Chansey is bulkyer, Ferrothorn can kill and heal quicker with Leech Seed, And Mandibuzz is a well rounded Iron Defenser, I can't decide.

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Mandibuzz ought not to use Iron Defense.
Why not?
Not useful enough. You lose the boosts when you switch, and it also means you lose a moveslot. Mandibuzz already has problems choosing moves, so Iron Defense only makes it worse.
Yea, but i always max out special Def and Hp, use Substitute and spam it until you have max defence, your untoachable

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EVs:252 Sp.D, 248 HP, 8 Def
Ability: Big Pecks
Nature: Calm
-Iron Defense
-Foul Play

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It depends on what the rest of your team is.

Following are the pros and cons of each of the mentioned Pokemon as per their role as a toxic staller:


  • It's typing is unique, gives it immunity poison, fighting and normal types (meaning immune to being toxic stalled)
  • Excellent bulk in Shield form
  • Not a slouch offensively in Blade form
  • King's Shield is a useful move it uses exclusively
  • Completely vulnerable to attacks in it's Blade form
  • Common ground and fire weakness, which is exploited
  • No reliable healing moves


  • Eviolite gives it bulk that is beyond imagination
  • Natural Cure can heal it off status
  • Can give consistent damage with Seismic Toss
  • Excellent Cleric/Wish Passer alongside toxic staller
  • Can heal itself using Wish/Soft-boiled
  • Pitiful defense (somewhat remedied by Eviolite though)
  • Above point further complimented by a fighting weakness, most of which use physical moves
  • Loses Leftovers recovery


  • Unique typing, which gives it immunity to ground and psychic moves, resistance to ghost, dark, grass moves and neutrality to fighting and bug type moves.
  • Impressive defenses, but can fall short at times
  • Reliable healing method in Roost, which sheds it's flying type (often for the better)
  • Can also use Defog
  • Overcoat prevents the use of powder moves and damage from weather
  • Suffers an unfortunate Stealth Rocks weakness, although somewhat remedied by Defog
  • Is prone to status like Toxic
  • Only reliable means of damage is through Foul Play


  • Great typing, which gives it a lot of resistances and only two weaknesses. Also, it's typing makes it very synergetic to other Pokemon
  • Immune to being toxic stalled
  • Iron Barbs makes it a very bad Pokemon to be targeted by physical moves, and aids toxic stalled
  • For what looks like 90 base attack, it can hit pretty hard with grass and steel type coverage
  • No reliable means of recovery
  • A huge fire weakness, which is exploited a lot
  • Doesn't appreciate being burned

As of such, all of these are excellent toxic stallers. It is entirely dependent on what the rest of your team is. In which case, Ferrothorn and Chansey fit nicely onto almost team, but for more particular roles, Aegislash and Mandibuzz are also options.

Hope I helped!

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