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On Pokemon Diamond I have a female Skarmory with Defog and a Male Starly with Brave Bird. But the offsprings aren't being passed down BB.
Why ?
I'm sure that starly has BB because its at lv.40 and I took him out and double checked

What moves did Skarmory and Starly have?

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Does Skarmory have 4 moves? Delete one those moves and that should be replaced by BB. If the Starly had 2 or more of Skarmory's egg moves, delete them as they may replace BB.

hope I helped.

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Thanks so much -but I did and they still don't have BB ;-;.
Diamond is on an R4 card do you think that mighte be an issue ?
Well, if none of it works, yes it may. Do either of them have an item? That could be the problem.
Also, what moves does the baby have when it hatches.