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I’m currently playing SoulSilver, and I want to catch a Skarmory because it has good synergy with my team, but it doesn’t have any reliable physical Flying moves, so I want to breed one with drill peck. Where can I catch something that breeds with Skarmory and learns Drill Peck very quickly after it is caught. Thank you!

Why would you want drill peck when fly is stronger?

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Get a skarmory found in the route below Blackthorn City (obviously, but make sure it’s female) and then get a MALE Spearow from Route 33 or 42, level it up to 37, (don’t evolve spearow so this is faster, because it’s already slow as it is), then it gets drill peck at 37, and breed the skarmory with the spearow. Then, bam, you have a level one skarmory with drill peck! I know it’s a long and tedious way, but it’s one of the best (if not the best way) to get a Skarmory with Drill Peck. That is the lowest level you can get Drill Peck in any Pokémon available in this game. Sorry, I know it’s tedious.

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Not a lot of Pokémon can get Drill Peck, only the spearow line, doduo line, and zapdos. The Xatu line and the honchkrow line can get it from egg moves.
Do you know a good place to level the Spearow up at?
Probably the same route under Blackthorn, or the routes and caves after Cianwood City that lead to the Safari Zone. Maybe the Ice Cave too.