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I have looked and looked at their sprites but I cannot fond any differences. Stat-wise, I know that Mega Latias is bulkier and Mega Latios is more offensive, but sprite-wise I don't see a difference. Can anyone point out some?

Mega Latias

Mega Latios

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Only their iris colours are different. You can vaguely see it in the sprites you posted, but:

Latias has yellow irises.

Latios has red irises.

Bulbapedia source (links to Latios)

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Ah, but the fingers are always on the other side  of the triangles. If you turn latias's wings around, so it is in the same position as latios, the wings would look the same. When you soar in the sky the fingers always point backwards. In this picture of latias, the fingers face forward.
Oh riiight; good spotting that. I didn't realise they were like that. So yea, only the eyes.
Yes, the only visual difference is the eyes, in this vid you can see all the differences, and they said that the only visual one, is the colour of the eyes. (The video is in japanese, if you understand that language is a full plate)


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Latias' back "legs" are pointing down while Latios' are pointing 'up'. I hope this helps as well. Good job for spotting the eyes

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