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Playing Fire Red (Gen3). I taught my male Exeggcute Psychic and Giga Drain via TM's (only ones in the game). After the fact, I decided that I wanted him to know Leech Seed and Sleep Powder as well. (This is after my rage/depression from learning that I missed my opportunity to pass on Synthesis to an Exeggcute.) So I leveled up my TM-loaded Exeggcute until it naturally learned the moves I wanted. Current moveset: Psychic (TM), Giga Drain (TM), Leech Seed (lvl up), and Sleep Powder (lvl up). Breeding the Exeggcute with a female Exeggcute results in: Psychic, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, and Hypnosis. Of course, this is not what I want. Any idea why Sleep Powder isn't being passed down? Instructions for passing down all four moves?

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I think BOTH parents need to know the move that the baby can learn by level up for it to pass down successfully. If both know sleep powder, tell me below and I will do extra research.

No, only the male knows it.  I can give it a shot and get back to you. I don't remember reading anything like that in breeding guides. Out if curiosity, is this just a hunch or based on experience?
It's true, so if it's a hunch it was a good one lol
Apparently I'm a skilled huncher