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An example of what I am asking is this
Kyurem can change forme and while this happens, the move of glaciate can change into fusion bolt of fusion flare (depending on the forme)
Necrozma changes what move it can get while changing its forme, moongeist beam for dawn wings or sunsteel strike for dusk mane
But NOT an example would be deoxys where while its forme can change, its moves do not, only its move pool in leveling up.
Also in the answer can you imply all Pokemon that can do this and what those moves are?

Thanks in advance

Keldeo changes form as it changes a move.
Btw Keldeo and Melloetta don't count: Their moves aren't limited to a single form: both Keldeo's forms can have secret sword, and both Melloetta's forms have Relic Song. :P
Starting in BW2, Keldeo changes to resolute form whenever it learns secret sword.
That doesn't exclude that the move caused form change, the asker wants the form change cause learning the move. :P
That's why I posted this as a comment and not an answer.

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Rotom changes has these forms: Normal, Heat, Mow, Freeze, Fan, Wash.
They have these moves respectively: None, Overheat, Leaf Storm, Blizzard, Air Slash, Hydro Pump

Pikachu Have these forms: Normal, Rock Star, Belle, Pop Star, Ph. D, Libre, Ash Hat
They have these moves respectively: Surf (only form that can have, Pikachu doesn't learn upon changing form, however), Meteor Mash, Icicle Crash, Draining Kiss, Electric Terrain, Flying Press, (10,000 Volt Thunderbolt Z Move, Pikachu doesn't learn upon changing form, because this one cannot change form)
(Ash Hat and Normal Pikachu can have Volt Tackle via move tutor at Hano Grand Resort)
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