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In OR, I have a lv.11 skitty (as of now) with the ability cute charm. Should I evolve her as soon as I get a moon stone or wait?

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I highly recommend evolving your Skitty at level 46. By then, it will learn it's final move, Play Rough. And since Delcatty is better at physical moves, it's a way better choice than Disarming Voice.

Here's the moveset of my Delcatty ingame:

Fake Out
Wake-up Slap
Play Rough
Secret Power

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I would suggest waiting until level 31 because by that time you would have a good moveset and also because after evolving into Delcatty,it won't learn any new moves by leveling up.

I would recommend this moveset for Skitty after level 31:
Fake Out
Disarming Voice
Wake Up Slap
Feint Attack

Hope I helped!

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