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Im playing X and I want to know when to evolve my Skitty so its most useful because I heard that once it evolves it doesn't learn any more moves. Its already level 18.


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The best time to evolve in X/Y (and probably only X/Y) would be level 49.
This is because at that level it learns Play Rough, which is a good fairy attack, and is not worth missing out on.
However, if you're Skitty has Normalize, it won't matter, and you're good evolving it off straight away, you can give it Foresight and Return for power and Fake Out for residual damage, while having Charm to drop their attack.

However, there's this dreadful fact that Delcatty is nowhere near powerful with 65 base attack, most people won't use it at all, but meh, always use your favourites, nobody likes regretting it later.

Hope I helped!

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Yep i did it right away my skitty had normalize
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When it gets Wake-Up Slap/Play Rough/Double Edge
These are its best moves.You could evolve your Skitty right away and go to the move relearner in Dendemille Town to teach the moves it learns as a Skitty but it costs a Heart Scale and your first visit to Dendemille Town is sometime after you get your sixth gym badge.
If your Skitty has the ability Normalize, evolve it right away because for example,if it uses Wake- Up Slap against a Sylveon, the move would be a Normal type and it will be neutral instead of not very effective because this ability makes whatever typing the move it is using,it will still be Normal.

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If you're playing the gen 3 Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire games, I suggest you evolve it whenever it has a moveset you like. This a moveset I really enjoy and am using in my current Emerald playthrough

Secret Power
Double Team

Hope this helps!!!

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