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Where is island cave?

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I've read from this site about how to catch Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Regigigas. I caught the original Regi-trio (thanks to LeafeonLol), and I've gotten the information about the conditions I need to face Regigigas, but one thing's confusing me: Island Cave, the location of Regigigas. Until recently, I never even heard of that location. I saw that some people have managed to get there, but I still don't know where it is, let alone how to get there. All help is appreciated.

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The Island Cave is a location North of Dewford on Route 105.

Here's a link that'll show you a map of the near approximate area that it is location.

Hope I've helped!

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Island Cave is the same island/cave(lol) that you caught Regice on. When you talk to the girl in Pacifidlog, she says that a big Pokemon comes to visit the ice Pokemon or something like that. Then you go to where you found Regice, and Regigigas will be there trying to find the "Ice Pokemon"

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That is more detailed. Don't forget that you must make Regice hold a cold item (Castelia cone, Icicle plate, etc) and it must be nicknamed.
well yes, but he said he already got all the details