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If I gave my Pikachu a Balloon and switched its ability with a Shedinja so it had Wonder Guard, would it be impossible to hit that Pikachu?


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In theory, yes.

But in practice, it is gimmicky and almost 100% doomed to failure.


A) the opponent can just switch into something resistant to PP stall Pikachu

B) Pikachu is weak

C) Wonder Guard does not protect from status moves such as Toxic and Will-o-Wisp, and almost every team carries one or the other

D) phazing Pikachu in and out of hazards, which Wonder Guard also do nothing to stop

E) if your opponent manages to take out you Skill Swapper before it can give Wonder Guard to Pikachu, leaving you dead in the water with two or more now useless Pokémon

F) As E⚡️ectridash02 pointed out, the Abilities Mold Breaker, Teravolt and Turboblaze allow hits to land on Pikachu

This has been tried many times, and 99% of all attempts end in miserable failure. It is strongly advised not to go with this strategy.


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Mold Breaker, Turboblaze and Teravolt would also bypass Wonder Guard..
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No, it could still be hit even though it couldn't be hit by normal attacks. it would still be able to be affected by burns spikes and and other stats affects, so if manage to do this with pikachu, it may be hard to hit, once hit by a status effect, unless you heal it, it will eventually faint.

Hope I helped :)

Spikes and Toxic Spikes are bypassed by Air Balloon.
But wonder guard ability cannot be skill swapped. Only shedinja can have it.