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I caught a Pikachu in go with no hat and there isn't the option to evolve.

Which Pikachu is it? What event was it from?
it's actually a clone pikachu from pokemon day. if only i had a regular pikachu
I’m pretty sure clone raichu doesnt exist

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The starters from the Lets go series, dont evolve, since they are the mascots, and, in my opinion, want to give a view on the anime as well.

Wasn't the question about Go, not Let's Go?
he's talking about let's go pikachu
how do you know
it talks about GO, not lets go. just because they didnt capitalize the 'o' doesnt make it lets go.

plus it says go twice, and not once lets go.

> " in Go?
in go "
Oops. Sorry, wasnt thinking...
I thought it said lets go, not,just go.