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I just noticed two weeks passed since the date and got them mixed up in my mind do to a move, but don't really want any of the other Pikachu. Is there any way to obtain one still? Or, does anyone know a way I can beg Gamefreak for one? hahaha

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My guess is that there isn't any other way to get your Hoenn Hat Pikachu besides hoping you got the right one from trade.
Get in quick before the Kalos one goes. You should be able to trade one for another, and Kalos would probably be more sought after than Alola right now.

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No, there is not. If you enter the code PIKACHU20 again, you will get either a Kalos hat Pikachu or a Alola hat Pikachu. The only way to get it right now is by hacking or trading. There might be another event for Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon later, but for now there is no way.

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Darn, well, I guess my best bet is to claim both of the still available ones and hope I can one day do that or as you said if there's another event. much appreciated