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So I was wondering if it was possible to have this combo actually work. With Serene Grace and Air Slash alone, you are going to be looking at an automatic 60% flinch chance. NOW, I looked on Serebii and it said that the Razor Fang Item gives an 11.7% chance to flinch on moves that do damage........which would be all moves. So I guess I'm trying to figure out if Serene Grace, Air Slash, and Razor Fang together make up a total of a 70% flinching chance.

Also here is where I saw the info on Razor Fang: http://serebii.net/itemdex/razorfang.shtml


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Yes,it will work.

Air slash,with the help of Serene Grace and Razor Fang,will give you a 70% flinch chance.I can't see why it won't work.And also,this video shows a person who says that he used it and it worked.

Source: Link Above.

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Nope, it will not work.

Using Pokemon Showdown's item descriptions, Razor Fangs data is this:

Holder's attacks without a chance to flinch gain a 10% chance to

As Air Slash already has a chance to flinch, Razor Fang does not take effect, so the overall flinch chance is 60%, thanks to Serene Grace doubling Air Slash's 30%. This is the same with the item King's Rock.

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No it won't.

Since Generation VI, flinch chances do not stack with items. Air Slash no longer gets a higher flinch rate because of King's Rock/Razor Claw, and neither do any other moves that already have a flinch chance. This includes Dark Pulse, Rock Slide, Iron Head and such.

Before this however, the flinch chances did stack, and the flinch chance by Razor Fang used to be 10%. So it followed this formula: flinch rate" + ("flinch rate"- 1)x .1
Since Air Slash's original flinch chance (before Serene Grace) is 30%,

Here's the expression: 30 + (30 - 1)x .1
= 30 + 29 x .1
= 30 + 2.9
= 32.9%

And after factoring Serene Grace = 32.9 x 2
= 65.8% for a flinch.

Hope I helped!

So  even though its not 70% it still gets 65.8% flinch rate right? While holding a Razor Fang or not?
Yes, that's with Razor Fang. Note that this is only for games up till Black 2/White 2. X/Y and OR/AS have different mechanics, and flinch chances do not stack.