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For example the Genius Wing and Swift Wing, etc. You get them from the shadows on Driftveil Drawbridge. It says they increase a base stat (e.g. Speed).

How much do they increase? Do they work like Vitamins?


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They boost EVs by 1. So, yeah, like weaker vitamins. Hovewer, they can be used even after 100 EVs.

Health - HP
Muscle - Attack
Resist - Defense
Genius - SAttack
Clever - SDefense
Swift - Speed
Pretty - (only for sale)

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how can you see what those are cause i have been collecting those wings and using the health wings but cannnot see a difference?
and also you can sell those wings at a high price rate that is how i got all my stuff for the elite four.
Convert this to a comment; And they increase EVs. Go visit our EV page to learn more.