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The goals for the games are:

Main Goals:
1)Beat the Elite4
2)Beat the gyms
3)Complete the pokedex

Secondary Goals:
1)Explore the whole map
2)Beat the Elite4 again
3)Find the 7 sieges

Am I mising something?

I am asking because everyone says pokemon Black and White have the longest storyline ever. I bought the game last Saturday at 12 o'clock and I beated the Elite4 at Sunday night(9 o'clock). I'm not lying!

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It's totally unimportant, but you'll find plenty of random people who ask you to do things for them, in most cases you just get items, but it's still something more to do. first one you find that I remember is the dancer in Castelia City Square, battle him. he's got a "Pan-" monkey. he asks you to find his partner, he's down the middle left "road" which is actually an alley. fight him, he's also got a "Pan-" monkey. he'll go to the square. I don't think you get anything out of it, but it's just something to do as a goal, find every civilian you can help out.

Thnx dude!
If you find all three dancers, talk to the center one and he'll give you the amulet coin!