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I have 2 zubats that I bred for ORAS, and I am wondering which I should use?


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I would say go with the Adamant Crobat. I feel that Crobat is already fast enough as it is, and it needs all the power it can get with an attack-boosting nature. If it runs Adamant however, it would be outsped by Pokemon with base 115 Speed and a positive Nature, some examples are:

-Mega Rayquaza

If you feel that outspeeding these threats are absolutely necessary, you can opt to run with the Hasty Crobat, but I would suggest you finding a Zubat with a Jolly Nature in order to not lower its defences.

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Just sayin', the chances of a Crobat and Mega Rayquaza ever meeting by chance are slim to none.

(Unless Mega Crobat is released, and then wrecks everything >:)
Mega Crobat. Give it 8 wings. Give it insane speed.

Sorry I got carried away. Well Mega Ray can just use ExtremeSpeed on Crobat so maybe its a bit redundant haha.
There used to be a time...when none of the pokemon games were for 3ds...
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I would say that both are good.

Go with Adamant if you want to do more damage but Hastyif you want to be fast. Jolly is the best nature for Crobat in my opinion since it highers speed and lowers special attack.

I would use the Hasty one and run a Choice Band moveset.


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I think he meant Hasty, maybe its a typo on his part.
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I would recommend one with a modest nature, trained in sp. atk and speed, and taught airslash, sludge bomb, heatwave, and giga drain. I used a type coverage calculator and nothing in the game resists all four move types, not to mention that you can hit over half of all Pokemon for super effective damage (though I don't think abilities like thick fat or something were included in calculation, but it should still be at least half).