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OK, so I bred my Togetic with a Ditto and I traded the egg to my Pearl game and it didn't get any moves.
Below are the two Pokemon:

Nature: Quiet
Level: 35
Ability: hustle
Ancient Power
Drain power

Nature: rash
Ability: Serene Grace

Did I do something wrong?

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Because the parent (Togetic) doesn't know any moves that can be passed down.

None of the moves it learns are Egg Moves. I'm assuming by ''Drain Power'' you mean Drain Punch. Drain Punch would have been passed down if Togepi was also compatible with it as a TM, however it is not.
Because you were breeding with Ditto, then level-up moves will not be passed down.
As a result, your Togepi hatched with its default moves at level 1.

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Thanks I'm going to breed with ditto with ,y heartgold team to bring there eggs over to my pearl I've already done it with feraligatr and he has crunch surf waterfall and whirlpool and I'm going to breed to get eggs from my umbreon, scyter, golem,ampharos and dragonair so tell me can these pokemon get there current moves breed to the eggs?
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Togepi gets none of those moves as egg moves.
So none of them pass down.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/togepi/moves/4

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