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I'm playing Shield and am in the process of breeding an Eevee with Wish.
I hatched it from an egg and used an Exp. Candy L and an Exp. Candy M to get it to Lvl. 30 but the last move it tried to learn is After You. It's male and has Hustle.
Am I doing something wrong? Help!

I assume you mean to say Togepi instead of Eevee in your description? What has given you the impression Togepi should have learned Wish by now?
No, I meant chain breeding for the Wish Eevee, by getting the Togepi with Wish

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Togepi learns wish at level 52 in Sword and Shield. You could use candies to level it up. Wish is not an eggmove for Togepi

Eevee does not learn wish via level up

Source: Togepi moveset page
Eevee moveset page

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