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Pokemon like scyther, or onix


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By Trading:
Poliwhirl Politoed King's Rock
Slowpoke Slowking King's Rock
Onix Steelix Metal Coat
Rhydon Rhyperior Protector
Seadra Kingdra Dragon Scale
Scyther Scizor Metal Coat
Electabuzz Electivire Electrizer
Magmar Magmortar Magmarizer
Porygon Porygon2 Up-Grade
Porygon2 Porygon-Z Dubious Disc
Dusclops Dusknoir Reaper Cloth

By other conditions:
Golbat Crobat Happiness
Magneton Magnezone Mt. Coronet
Lickitung Lickilicky after Rollout learned
Chansey Blissey Happiness
Tangela Tangrowth after AncientPower learned
Eevee Espeon Happiness, Daytime
Eevee Umbreon Happiness, Nighttime
Eevee Leafeon near rock in Eterna Forest
Eevee Glaceon near rock in Route 217
Aipom Ambipom after Double Hit learned
Yanma Yanmega after AncientPower learned
Gligar Gliscor Nighttime (holding Razor Fang)
Sneasel Weavile Nighttime (holding Razor Claw)
Piloswine Mamoswine after AncientPower learned
Nosepass Probopass Mt. Coronet

By stones:
Roselia Roserade Shiny Stone
Snorunt Froslass Dawn Stone (Female)
Kirlia Gallade Dawn Stone (Male)
Murkrow Honchkrow Dusk Stone
Misdreavus Mismagius Dusk Stone
Gloom Bellossom Sun Stone

These should be all, information copied from this page:)

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i thought that there was always both poliwhirl and politoad
no:) politoed is just since II gen
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scyther evolve to scizor, and onix evolve to steelix. i think a pokemon which doesn't evolve from generation I until generation IV is PINSIR! from generation II like SMEARGLE, generation III like ABSOL, and generation IV like PACHIRISU. But, who knows in generation V they will evolve!

Pinsir evolves in generation IV?
no, pinsir doesn´t evolve at all
who said pinsir was evolving? i said "pinsir doesn't evolve from gen 1 until gen 4!". i just don't understand what was the meaning of "originally did not evolve"
They have created Onix. A years after that they have created Steelix. So Onix wasn´t originaly created for evolution. But he can evolve
ow... ok, i understand now! sorry if i was mistaken...