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I was chaining Ralts, and at the start of the chaining adventure, I started with a gently shaking grass. I was on my 43rd chain, and got tired a lil so I walked to a vigorously shaking grass (dw I got save states) and...not break the chain? To be fair the encounter from the vigorously shaking grass is a Ralts too but doesn't walking to a different type of grass supposed to break your chain?

Update: It happened multiple times.

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Even if you run into a different kind of grass patch while you're chaining and you get the Pokemon you're chaining, it still won't break the chain, unless you run from the Pokemon or you encounter something else.

Source: Experience (I do way too much chaining)

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Weird - all chaining guides I read said that walking to a different patch would break your chain :/
Huh, strange, well congrats on the shiny Ralts!
Thank you! :) (filler)