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Basically I would like to know if it is possible to breed a Scrafty (my favourite Pokemon) with this summary
Moves: Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Crunch
Nature: Adamant IV's: all except Sp.Atk Ability: Moxie Hidden Ability: Intimidate
Ps. I have a scraggy with everything except Hp and Atk IV's and no hidden ability

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I already like you. Good taste.

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Yes, you can breed your perfect Scrafty, under 1 condition.

Your semi-perfect Scraggy is male. If it is not male, you cannot breed your perfect Scrafty in the following steps.
> *Why? Because if it isn't male, you cannot pass down your Egg Moves and have to chain breed for your moves. Move Pages: Dragon Dance | Drain Punch | Ice Punch

Once you have the moves on a male Scraggy, here's how you can do it.

Step 1: Get a female Scraggy with Intimidate from a Route 5 Horde in X&Y or DexNav at Route 113 in ORAS.

Step 2: Breed your two Scraggy with the following setup:

  • Male Scraggy holds an Everstone.
  • Female Scraggy holds a Destiny Knot.

This setup passes off the Adamant Nature and your egg moves (+Crunch at level 38) from the male Scraggy, the ability from your female Scraggy, and the IVs from both parents.

Step 3: Keep breeding until you have your nice 5 or 6 IV Scrafty with your moves, nature, and ability. You can ditch the Special Attack IV, as you don't have any special attacks.

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Thanks a ton now I can prove that scrafty is better than my friends stupid
I thought that was obvious that Scrafty pummels Blissey.

Drain Punch to win? :>
Yeah but his blissey has dazzling gleam and wish plus it was my first competitive battle and I got blissey under 50 hp
I'm gonna sound dumb here but how do I activate a hidden ability because no scraggly I've battled has had intimidate activated