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After beating AS and the Delta Episode, I went to Lilycove department store. On the 5th floor a cutscene happened with Lize and Tate fanning over some stuff with a Space Station guy overlooking them. Are there any other cutscenes like this?


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Wattson is in the centre of Mauville, and gives the New Mauville Quest
Flannery is in the scorched slab, trying to find heatran
Norman is in your house during the delta episode
On the top floor of mauville, you see Winnona on a tower
Tate and Liza are in the Lilycove department store
Wallace is outside a lot in the Delta Episode

Not so sure about Brawly or Roxanne though

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Roxanne is found at the fossil maniacs house after the delta episode but I don't know about Brawny yet

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Brawly is with Chaz after you beat Lisia in a master rank contest.

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