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I was thinking of using a support Ninjask and Baton Passing as much speed and attack as possible.I thought Absol could do the job, as it has high Atk and Spd, but then you see it's bulk, or rather, lack of bulk. So is Absol even worth it? It get's great priority (Sucker Punch), and moves with decent power, and somewhat compliment his/hers high Atk stat. But just is he worth it?


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Personally, I think Mega Diancie and Mega Sableye both do Absol's job better. Both get Magic Bounce, but have a lot more bulk to work with, whereas Absol can be OHKO'd by most neutral hits.

I am not completely up-to-date with the current tiers, but I know Absol is UU. I don't know about Sableye or DIancie, although I think their regular forms are UU. If their Megas are banned from UU, then Absol might be worth the Mega slot in UU. If not, then it is simply outclassed.

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Both Mega Sableye and Mega Diancie are OU, with Mega Sableye being
A Rank and Mega Diancie being B Rank
I thought Mega Sableye was RU...
Well, the thread I read was from a month and a half ago, when ORAS first came out. But since then, all I've been hearing is the glory of Mega Sableye, so I assumed it was still OU.
It is in OU, according to Smogon tiering.
Mega Sableye is ridiculously bulky and is immune to Taunt, Encore, Whirlwind, Toxic, and even bounces back Entry Hazards. Any passive Pokemon become complete set-up bait to it.