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Because it does warn people of disaster just like a dark kind of angel of some religions. I mainly ask this because of the white wings it grows in its mega evolution.

Why did this get down voted? This is a viable question.

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Well from what I heard, mega absol is supposed to look like an angel. It warns people of approaching disasters. Mega Absol is meant to be a guardian angel with the wings on its back.
Hope this helps anwser your question.

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Absol does not have wings. It is fur that stands up on the back of its neck due to the power it emits. You may even check Bulbapedia on that if you don't believe me.
Fur looks like wings
Don't get me wrong but this answer just takes a part of what is said in the question (not even all of it), re-words it, adds "hope this helps" and "from what I've heard" without providing any source. How is this a viable answer with 5 upvotes...?
The OP selected it the same day and was satisfied, and other people were happy with the answer too, and so it got upvoted. It's a pretty old question, and even bad answers get upvotes, I don't see why that is an issue. If the OP is satisfied with something, well and good, if not, or if *you* think there can be a better answer, feel free to post another answer. (I've done this a lot of time as well)
I commented saying that because I felt like the answer doesn't add anything extra than what is already known to the OP, and since PokéBase answers should be re-usable by others, doesn't really help others. (You can call it a shameless attempt to gather community's attention onto this in hopes of getting a better answer. :P)
But yeah, if the OP was happy with this then that's how it is.

I can't answer for now due to reasons and even if I could, I've added many other questions to my favourites which I'd answer first.
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Those "wings" are just fur. If they were real wings, Mega Absol would be able to use Fly. I don't think Mega Absol is meant to look like an angel, he's meant to look like he's emitting so much power that his fur stands on end.

it's shaped like wings for a reason...