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Ok so in the delta episode you have a chance to get Deoxys and I got it (I know if you don't get him then after you beat the elite four a second time he will be at the top of sky pillar).
But after the delta episode if you go to the space station and talk to Professor Cosmos he will ask you to inform him anything more about Deoxys.

So is there any where in the game you can go to find out why Deoxys was heading for Hoenn? I'm trying to find out why Cosmos was asking for more info on Deoxys and where to find it.

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I don't understand your question at all. Professor Cosmo doesn't ask for information on Deoxys?
I'm pretty sure you don't need to find out information for Professor Cosmo.

Here's the Serebii page on everything you need to know about the Delta Episode:
To clear it up it is not Prof. Cosmo it's a Scientist on the top floor of Mossdeep Space center. Him and a Lady ask you to find out the reason why Deoxys came to Hoenn and to gather information and report back if you find anything.

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No reason to why he says that as far as we know. This dialogue appears for everyone. If you beat Deoxys, it's at the top of Sky Pillar by the way. My guess is that this has something to do with a future event. He might even be referring to the meteorite and Deoxys's forms.
Hope this helps!
-It's a secret!

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All I know is the meteorite in Cozmo's house changes Deoxy's form but he never said anything about Deoxy's itself.