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Last night at one in the morning when I couldn't sleep, my mind did the only logical thing to do: began mixing Pokémon and Gravity Falls. That's when I had this question.

In the final showdown of the ORAS Delta Episode, you face off with Deoxys. He comes out of a red triangle, as can be seen below.


Now this triangle looks like the diabolical and also triangular Bill Cipher, but that's beside the point.


I began wondering, what's the significance of Deoxys' triangle? This isn't the first time it's shown up. In ye olde Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen events for Deoxys he is found on Birth Island, seen below.


Now the most striking feature of Birth Island is its triangular shape. You will also notice Deoxys' trademark otherworldly triangle sitting in the middle, and after you corner it the alien will attack.

The triangle hasn't made its last appearance, as upon rematching Deoxys in ORAS (if you KOd him in space) you will find his otherworldly triangle waiting for you at the top of Sky Pillar. (Image not included because bigness.)

So what is the connection between Deoxys, the Pokémon from space, and his triangle? The first thought that occurred to me was that it represented the delta (∆), fitting in with the Alpha and Omega theme of the games as well as the title of the Delta Episode. But this triangle has been around since the third generation, before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were even a concept. So was Deoxys' triangle just a coincidental feature of the appropriately named Delta Episode?

Or is there a deeper meaning to Deoxys' triangle?

Maybe they planned the remakes of the games before Gen 4. Ooh, spooky.
This question is blowing my mind
It means Deoxys is a part of the Breloominati
Just want to point this out: Delta means 4 and Deoxys has 4 forms as in the 4th letter in greek. Also, you see in the gen 3 pic you showed has 3 trees and a triangle in the middle, maybe the triangle symbolizes the original forme and the trees symbolizes the other formes? IDK
Deoxys had had only one form before FRLG, and only had three forms before Emerald.

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Now, this question had me stumped. Bulbapedia says nothing on the topic, so I'll attempt to answer with the infinite pool of knowledge, the internet.

What is up with the triangle?

Let's break down what a triangle is. It is a 3 sided polygon that can also be referenced as a delta. A delta, however is also the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet. How many formes does Deoxys have? 4. Now before you grab your computer and scream "It's a conspiracy", yes I get that but Nintendo has been known to plan ahead (see below)

Were Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire pre-planned?

I doubt it, although Nintendo did make Leafgreen and Firered at a similar time to RSE so it is highly unlikely but possible that they drafted ideas for the games, however remember these designs would have to include a system, and well I'm entirely sure the 3DS did not begin production in the early 2000s. I guess they saw the triangle when conceiving ORAS and thought "Why don't we name these remakes after greek letters" and ORAS were born. The Delta Episode probably is just a reference, as the final boss is Deoxys, who is associated with the delta, or triangle.

Another unrelated point I would like to make is that in Gen 1, a girl outside Mt. Moon comments how she dislikes the Pokemon, and that there should be a chunky pink one with a floral pattern.

cough, cough


I really hope I helped and I will hide this answer if it is not up to your expectations, etc.

It's not pink. It's light purple.
It's pink. Or to the common eye it is.
Actually it's red mixed with white.
Which is, amazingly, pink also.