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Can't find the Cave of Origins!!!

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Please help! I need a detailed way to the Cave of Origins because I lost to kyogre. I can't seem to find anything leading to it please do help!

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there was already a question, i answered it-

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Go to sootopolis, then to the left of the gym, there should be a few houses and the pokemart. If you go to that side of the city, the west side of that platform will have a bridge. Go to that bridge, and you will go to another section of Sootopolis. Go on the bridge heading north, and the cave of origin should be there. Hope I helped.

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You have to return to the entrance of the Cave of Origins once you reenter the cave instead of heading the way you went the first time you should have noticed a path leading to the left you will head down a lot of staircases its just one large room (if I remember right) and at the bottom you find a doorway once you enter thzt door you are back to where you battle Kyogre

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