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Obviously, Groudon and Kyogre are exclusive to OR and AS respectively, and cannot be caught in the other's games, but are they still there? I mean, the games have several references to how Groudon and Kyogre would always fight, so where is Groudon in AS, or Kyogre in OR? It makes sense to not make them catchable, but it makes a preeety big plothole when the mascot of a games's arch enemie isn't even present in-game...

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My hypothesis is that, since the evil teams are different, Kyogre is never summoned in ROR and Groudon is never summoned in SAS. They're there, but they're just inaccessible to the player.
I thought it was because they were both sleeping and then the teams revive their respective legend in their respective game, and since the other legend is not awoken it is still sleeping

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I know that they definitely both do appear in the original Ruby and Sapphire, and in Emerald. They can clearly be witnessed battling in the center of the city (not sure about RS, but in Emerald, they could be seen upon entering the city.)

As for the new ones, I'm pretty sure that's a no. not once did I ever see Kyogre being depicted in the game other than Secret Base battles. I looked for this during a playthrough and I don't recall Kyogre ever existing other than its name.

If someone can prove I'm wrong, go ahead and hide this. I'm about 85/100 sure on this one.

The Red and Blue orbs both exist, and Maxie/Archie still talk about their goals in opposite games, so maybe it can be assumed that in ORAS they both exist, but only one is revived?
I'm pretty sure only one is ever seen in RS.
I remember playing it through and I thought they appeared at a different point in time. But this was nearly nine years ago now.
i have a guy in my base with a LV100 kyogre.
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the OR and AS are parralel universes, as referenced in the delta episode. in OR when you go to the battle resort archie says that perhaps in the other world he tries to wake kyogre.
you can get both orbs but the blue orb (in OR) only supresses the other orb's power.