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My brother failed to save before battling the legendary (groudon), and saved afterwards when his team had been wiped out by groudon. Upon returning to the cave of origin, to the same spot that groudon first spawned, he is not there. What can be done to make groudon respawn so he can be battled again, in order to advance in the story?

(Apologies if this has already been answered. I could not find the answer when I searched.)

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When you enter the second section of the Cave of Origin, there are 2 paths, one like a cave towards the West; the other one, which you took earlier, which is like a staircase. towards the North-East. Take the former. Keep going down and you should reach Groudon/Kyogre!

Source: Getting wiped out by Kyogre in my AS.

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You got killed by a Kyogre huh? That must have sucked bad.
Dude, I would of just murdered Kyogre for the Xp......