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I just got the Eon ticket earlier today, now I'm wondering if you con soar on Latias in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Latios in Alpha Sapphire.


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Use the Eon Flute to call Latios or Latias (depending on your version) to your location

Pretty sure the answer is a no. But hey, they pretty much look the exact same anyway so..


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Okay, thanks!
It doesn't really matter which Pokemon I soar on , I was just wondering ;)
No problem! Ah that's even better then :)
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Nope. The eon Pokemon you encounter in game (latios=OR, latias=AS) is the one you soar on. There is no difference between them, besides some design differences (don't know of any besides eye color). So basically in the soaring world, latias=latios. Hope I helped!