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Well I just learnt that the Eon Ticket can only be obtained through StreetPass. Well I live in Islamabad, Pakistan and I am ready to bet my whole Pokeplaying life that there is no one around here who would happen to possess a 3DS let alone a copy of Pokemon ORAS. Help me, I'm desperate.

Sorry dude ( I'm assuming) sadly, I thought I missed it too, but I got lucky and they had a second event, hopefully, we will have a few more Eon ticket events.
@fondant: Pretty sure it's a ponzi scheme, not scam.  :c
I'm after Latios obviously. Anyone kind enough to help? If not, I'll live, you never know. I'll live with the looming dread that I'll never get the legendaries without a stupid ticket. God have mercy.........
Try the GTS. Or just ask people around. I'm sure you'll find a good offer for Latios, you always do. In-game 'mons are usually up for decent offers.
@Luke777: come on man...just try my GTS stratedgy above. It always works.

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>The Eon Ticket was revealed to return in the remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. A serial code to download the ticket was included in the December 2014 issue of CoroCoro. In the United States, Play! Pokémon League Leaders were given codes to distribute to participants at nearly a thousand Pokémon League locations. New York City's Nintendo World Store also had the Eon Ticket until January 14, 2015. Additionally, the Eon Ticket was made available in the United Kingdom to 15 members of the public, who would pass the ticket to certain GAME stores through-out the country via StreetPass, who could then pass those on to customers who visit the store. This was officially marketed as the "The Great Eon Ticket Relay" event.
Another Chance to Get Your Ticket!
If you missed getting the Eon Ticket, now you can pick it up using a special code.

>The Eon Ticket has been spreading across the globe via StreetPass from one Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire player to the next. With the Eon Ticket, players have been able to return to Southern Island for the chance to catch either Latias or Latios in their game (whichever Pokémon they weren't able to get during their original adventure).

>If you haven't had the good fortune to receive the Eon Ticket from another Trainer, now there's another way. Between Friday, February 27, and Monday, March 2, 2015, enter the following code in your game to receive the Eon Ticket:



I'm sorry but you are a bit late, right now there is no way to get the Eon ticket. You will have to wait and see if it returns but it will probably not. The code for USA was "2015LATIOSLATIAS" and rest of the world "POKEMON380381" or you could get it from streetpass but it is too late for that now as well.


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I got the Eon Ticket after the event. O_O