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When I was little was very dumb, I had no clue that I could soft reset when I made a legendary Pokemon faint, I thought that was it.
So to the point, I only caught one of the legends in the Lake Trio (Pokemon Diamond) and only one of the... Lion Trio. (Pokemon HeartGold) Currently, I'm trying to make my games an "un-fail" and relocate the legendary Pokemon and catch them. Since roaming legendary Pokemon aren't always in the same spot, I thought that you probably wouldn't be able to rebattle them, but I'm not quite sure.

So, can you rebattle roaming legendary Pokemon?

Suicune appears back in the Burned Tower, but I don't know about the other two.
Try defeat the Elite 4 again maybe
I'm doing that on diamond currently
Have tried beating it on HG, still haven't (Lance is HARD)

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Beating the E4 allows for you to rebattle all defeated Legendary Pokémon, including the likes of Roaming Legendaries.

>Starting from Platinum, if the player defeats the roaming Pokémon, it will re-spawn once the player beats the Elite Four again. However, the trigger that caused them to start roaming must be reactivated. For example, for Mesprit to roam again, the player must visit Verity Cavern again.


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I have found where Suicune is, but where are the other roaming ones?
I think they just start roaming again.
Does that also go for latios/latias?
Entei+Raikou should be at  the burned tower again if I remember correctly
I looked in the burned tower, but didn't find Raikou