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I found Giallo, Rood, Gorm, Ryoku, Zinzolin, and Bronius. Looker told me someone spotted N with Zekrom, but where?

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There are only 6 sages to find. Ghetsis is the seventh sage and he dissapears after you beat him the first time, after your first run through the elite four. N leaves with reshiram (white) or zekrom (black) and doesnt reappear in the game after that. maybe in an event but it hasnt been released yet

You find ghetsis on the bridge with the train running under it
Yeah, and what else? He dies crushed by a train?
You can? Where?
He's kidding or he has the wrong source or he's high xD
The event that lets you go to a different region is in Japan. If you are in Japan or you are a really big Pokemon fanatic then you could go to Japan. Hope this really helps anyone.
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there's only 6 sages and i cant find N i have searched every were

its like ive done the game again

N's not in Pokemon Black agian unless you go to Japan for a rare event so stop looking:)
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You can't find N again but there are rumors that he will reappear in Black 2 and White 2.