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Sometimes when I use any pokeball it wobbles once but takes about 3 seconds to wobble again instead of the regular speed and then breaks out. What causes this?

Depends on the HP of the Pokemon??
Personally I think it's dependent on the catch rate... I feel as if I've seen most legendaries do that when you try to catch them.
It's a matter of three seconds though, so one can easily get paranoid enough about a capture to think that the second shake is taking long...

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I've noticed this feature too. I've also noticed it happens right when a Pokemon is about to break out of the ball. I guess game freak added it for 1 extra second of dramatic tension so that you feel disappointed after three shakes.

What this means is that this is just some added effect, not something that actually affects catch rate, but catch rate affects it.

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I despise three-shake escapes with a passion.
Don't we all :P
hate three shake escapes too and on oras it happens a lot where it shakes in the air then only shakes once and then stars appear and you caught it