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I was dabbling around in the RMT section of the Smogon Forums, when I found this in a description for Keldeo:

... having 100% accuracy and a 70% 30% chance to burn, along with decent neutral coverage, makes it Keldeo's most spammable move by far.

What does the 70% 30% chance mean? Is it just a misprint, or is it an effect of Scald when used by a Water-type? Because on one RMT here on the DataBase, I heard someone saying that Vaporeon made great use of Scald because of a "higher than average Burn rate", or something like that. Is there a 70% greater chance of inflicting a Burn? I'm terribly confused!

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Let see what each website say about Scald.

Has a 30% chance of inflicting burn on the target Pokémon. Fire-type> Pokémon cannot be burned.


Scald inflicts damage and has a chance 30% of causing a burn.


The user shoots boiling hot water at its target. It may also leave the
target with a burn.Effect rate: 30%

> Scald deals damage and has a 30% chance of burning the target.

Pokemon DB.

In these description,It said that it has 30% chance of burning.So,it is safe to assume that 70% is a mistake/misprint in the RMT section of the Smogon Forums.Like Generekt said "Vaporeon makes a great use of scald because it is bulky".The only thing which would the chance of burning is the ability Serene Grace which Vaporeon does not have .Even if Vaporeon have the ability Serene Grace,the chance of burning will increase to 60% not 70%.

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I admit you have a better answer but since mine was good enough, refrain from posting after a perfectly fine answer for no reason.
i dint get what you mean by "refrain from posting after a perfectly fine answer for no reason."
He actully has sources and that is a bit more
It's k if you find out more information and post a new answer.
Posting another answer is fine if the previous answer is either incomplete, incorrect, or you have a way of improving it a lot. In this case it was the latter.
He didn't improve by a lot, he just said what I said in more detail, made it look prettier, and added a source which is good but unnecasery since it's almost common knowledge that scald has a 30% burn rate and nothing otherwise has been proven against it. If this were some sort of controversial complex question about theory and junk, I would have definitely put in a source. Otherwise he didn't do anything that helps answer the question more than I did.
why so serious?
Omg, enough with this butthurt. The question poster himself decided that the extra info was helpful. josh123z, you did fine here, ignore Generekt's criticisms.
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Vaporeon makes a great use of scald because it is bulky. I assume they were referring to the rate a which scald burns which is 30% which is impressively high. That 70% part doesn't make sense so ignore it

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I just that no one is 100% sure about it being a mistake since you wrote your answer really quicked and with no source, and i doubt you did some research
Guys guys stahp le fighting
There really was no research needed seeing as it's fairly common knowledge, which I'm sure he knew in the first place.
It's not exactly a secret that Scald has a 30% chance to burn. He didn't have to research it because he already knew. He answered correctly so who gives a rat's hind end if he looked it up?
I knew that Scald's Burn chance was 30%, I was just asking if there was a second mechanic. I selected josh's answer because it was formatted better. When I looked, both answers had already been posted. I just chose the one I thought looked best and upvoted yours, since it was also correct.