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Everytime.. 99% the time they use Scald I get burn.. is just 30% and we can compare that to a Fissure that always misses.. Is true that Scald has 30%? I think it was +40% chance to happen..
If this happen to you, comment for I can see if I'm the only unlucky.

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It is a 30% chance. But you must have just been really unlucky to get burned by it that many times. But that's just what randomness is; the possibility of something happening isn't always reflected by how much it happens to you. You may get burned 20 times in a row, while someone else never gets burned at all. All 30% means is that it has around the possibility of a 1 in 3 chance of happening. It won't happen 1 in 3 times.

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anytime a computer uses a move with a status effect i just assume it's gonna get it.  kinda like on my wonderlock game, if i'm low enough that a hit won't make me faint but i crit will, i call the crit and it almost always happens.