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other than mew and smeargle.

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Octillery Can learn Flamethrower Energy Ball Surf AND Scald.

And as usual Smeargle and Mew Can.

And Raquaza and Arceus can both learn Energy Ball Flamethrower and Surf.

Have fun with whoever you use!

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EDIT: Like Pb Said, Castform can Learn Scald Flamethrower and Energyball

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Cool! I had no idea about Octillery!
Drampa and Slurpuff can now know Surf, Energy Ball and Flamethrower.
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Mew, Octillery, and Castform can all learn Scald, Energy Ball, and Flamethrower all at once.

In addition, Rayquaza, Arceus and Smeargle can learn Surf, Energy Ball, and Flamethrower.

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Octillery, Arceus, Castform, and Rayquaza.

Castform gets Scald but not Surf.

Rayquaza and Arceus get Surf but not Scald.

Octillery gets both Surf and Scald.