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Like turtwig can

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Bulbasaur, vulpix, oddish, paras, abra, bellsprout, gastly, exeggcute, tangela, mewtwo, mew, chikorita, hoppip, sunkern, girafarig, stantler, celebi, treecko, lotad, seedot, shroomish, cacnea, lileep, castform, tropius, latios, latias, rayquaza, jirachu, deoxys, turtwig, budew, cherubi, carnivine, snover uxie, azelf, msperit, giratina, cresselia, manaphy, shaymin, arceus, smeargle.

These are all the unevolved pokemon that learn energy ball.

-Vulpix learns it via egg move
-Smeargle learns it via sketch
-Treecko, Lotad, Lillep, and Shaymin can learn it by leveling up.

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Pansage can learn it too.