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I know that Power Whip is more powerful with low accuracy, and Energy Ball is boosted with the Special Attack stat. But I'm trying to have a move to counter ground types. If Power Whip, what item should I put on?

WHy would you at all run physical moves on Xurkitree? Answer is Energy Ball
Best move to counter ground types would be grass knot
BlackAce, I'm not very good with any of this stuff. I'm just starting to learn to be a competitive player. I am however getting the hang of it going from White 2, (haven't played that in so long).
What format? Singles or doubles? Showdown! or a real copy of a Pokemon game? Are there any Pokemon, moves, or abilities that you're not allowed to use?
Well i'm not 100% sure yet, i'm  still planning so much.
You should definitely figure this out before you do any more planning. The format you're playing with determines what Pokemon and moves are good and what you can expect opponents to use.
Ah ok, thanks for the advice.
Well, if your going to do that, you might aswell get the Adamant nature.

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Probably Energy ball

Its attack stat is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE but a special stat of 173 is really good for energy ball, Also to make it destroy ground types more try a scarf. Energy ball is good for coverage too.

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Ah ok, i'll take it into thought.