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I remember one time when U-Turn was a staple for Greninja. Every ninja who was any ninja had U-Turn. But recently, I've been seeing a dramatic decrease in U-Turn Greninja. Most Greninja now are Hydro Pump / Gunk Shot / Hidden Power [Fire] / Ice Beam. Why is U-Turn not a common sight on Greninja anymore? I would think it would only increase in ORAS OU, seeing as it hits dangerous Pokés such as Mega [email protected], Mega Metagross and Mega Gardevoir super-effectively. Has it simply been replaced by Gunk Shot as a physical move, or has the metagame simply shifted away from scout Greninja in favour of better VolTurners, such as Scizor and Landorus?

Greninja is not viable in OU
Because it's in Ubers
Sorry, but at the when I composed this question I thought it was still undergoing the Suspect Test.

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It's just that U turn doesn't have the same coverage as other moves it has. U turn was used to provide momentum switches rather than damage the Pokemon a lot. Gereninja during ORAS gained the ability to kill its normal checks with new toys like Gunk and low kick. Now since it can use those, few things can really switch into greninja without losing momentum or taking lots of damage, pretty much destroying the reason U-turn was used in the first place.

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Well, like Generekt said, Gren's now in Ubers. Ubers is filled with hyper-bulky Pokemon like Giratina and Lugia, and hyper-powerful pokes like Mega Mence (take THAT Zard X) and Primal Groudon. (And then there's Mega Rayquaza.) I believe that hyper offense is more common in Ubers, and since Gren is so fast, the Pokemon that switches in is gonna take a hecka powerful Attack. Gren needs to keep up with the power, and so only opts for powerful moves like Hydro Pump and Gunk Shot.

Lol he meant in OU, I just pointed that out and it doesn't answer his question
Ah, whatevs. I had fun writing it.
Plus no one uses gren in Ubers
And Mega Rayquaza was banned from Ubers.
That I know, lol, I was making a reference to its sheer power.