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I was in a wifi triple battle. My opponent had Sylveon, Greninja, and Aegislash in that order. I had Greninja, Crobat, and Ferrothorn in that order. It was the first turn, so my Crobat was under no status condition or stuffz like that. I selected to use U-turn on Greninja with my Crobat, and my Crobat moved first as all the other Pokemon were slower; but it missed! How did it do that?


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Because Greninja was holding a BrightPowder or a Lax Incense. The BrightPower causes the opponent to have an additional 10% chance of missing an attack, and the Lax Incense gives its holder a 10% chance to avoid an attack.

Otherwise, this is a bug since it was turn 1 and accuracy lowering moves could not have been used.

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I've never seen a BrightPowder/Lax Incense Greninja before... have you? It seems very odd.
I haven't, though it is the only possibility.
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Maybe you have a high level of friendship with Greninja.

Affection mechanics are disabled in Wifi battles.