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Fire Stone
Kindler Bernie- Route 111

Water Stone
Fisherman Elliot- Route 100

Leaf Stone
Aroma Lady Rose- 118

Thunder Stone
Guitarist Dalton- 118

Moon Stone
Expert Shelby- Jagged Path

Sun Stone
Expert Timonthy- 115

Dawn Stone
Mysterious Sisters Scall and Ion- Sea Mauville

Dusk Stone
Hex Maniac Valerie- Mt. Pyre

Shiny Stone
Fairy Tale Girl Momo- Mt. Pyre

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Kindler Bernie- (Route 114) Fire Stone

Guitarist Dalton- (Route 118) Thunder Stone

Fisherman Elliot-(Route 106) Water Stone

Fairy Tale Girl Momo - (Mt. Pyre) Shiny Stone

Aroma Lady Rose - (Route 118) Leaf Stone

Mysterious Sisters Scall and Ion- (Sea Mauville) Dawn Stone

Expert Shelby - (Jagged Path) Moon Stone

Expert Timothy - (Route 115)Sun Stone

Hex Maniac Valerie -(Mt. Pyre) Dusk Stone

All trainers have a 5% chance of giving you the Stones

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If you beat lisia in a match, you get a lucarionite. (Sorry that this is short but this is the only trainer that will give you a mega evolution stone.)

He meant like fire/water stone
wait... a rematch? I dont know about getting mega evolution stones in rematches... k you can hide this if its wrong. probably is.
oh. like a shiny stone. oops. (facepaw)