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that includes oval stone.

Hey! A wild Happiny will sometimes be holding an Oval Stone in Mirage Forest. You can use Thief or Covet to take it. :)

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Fire, Water, Thunder and Leaf Stone:

>One of the ways is to go underwater and find colored shards. The matching shard will give you a stone of the respective color from the treasure hunter on Route 124.


  • Fire Stone: Route 123, Fiery Path
  • Leaf Stone: Route 119, Route 124

Dawn Stone: Wally gives you one after you defeat him on Victory Road.

Dusk Stone: Super Training, the Aegislash balloon.

Shiny Stone:

>Shiny Stones can be found through the "An Opening of Lightning-Quick Attacks!" round of Super Training at random. This round is open to those Pokemon with 510 EVs.

... And on Route 121.

Moon Stone: Meteor Falls

Oval Stone: The only one I couldn't find. Will add later.

Sun Stone: Mossdeep City

All of these can also be obtained through Super Training, so you pretty much have an unlimited supply of these stones.

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Hope I helped!

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I recently got a Oval Stone by using Thief on Happiny on a Mirage Spot.