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I was thinking of putting Giga Impact on my Choice Scarfed Braviary, but if I can't switch out on the "must recharge" turn, my Braviary is dead meat. Please help (and suggest a move over Giga Impact mabye).


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No you Cant
You are forced to stay in on the recharge turn.
As for another move I would suggest Crush Claw since it has STAB and a 50% chance to Lower Defenses.

Braviary @choice Scarf
Defiant/ Sheer Force
252 atk 252 speed 4 hp
Crush Claw/Return (Sheer Force Crush Claw does about the same as Return But if defiant Return > Crush Claw)
Brave Bird

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Thanx. I choose Defiant by the way, as intimidate uses are fairly common in OU, and he does work quite well in OU.
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To put it simply, no you can't switch out. However, if the opponent uses a move such as Dragon Tail on the same turn, you can.

A good move to replace Giga Impact would be Return or Secret Power.

but Giga Impact is fun :D