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Lets say my Aerodactyl carried an opponent into the air with Sky Drop. Can the opponent switch-out during the semi-invulnerable stage?

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True, but your forgetting about the best Sky-Drop user in the entire game - Mega Aerodactly.  With it's ability Tough Claws, it boosts that pathetic 60 base power to 78 base power.  It's nothing to be crazy about, but it's still a decent move nonetheless.  Charizard X can also boost Sky Drop with it's Tough Claws ability, but it doesn't receive STAB unfortunately.

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No. The opponent can't switch out that Pokemon while it is in the air.

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Thanks again ElectricYellow.  I thought that was true because there would be no animation if a Pokemon was switching out of the sky.  Game Freak isn't that sloppy.
The move would be pretty useless if you could just switch out of it. Even if it still hit, it would just make it a weaker Fly.