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Like if I street pass and share data, and I want to go to a certain base but I can't since the person I streetpassed with is in occupation of that base. Can I do something to kick out the trainer and take the base I want?

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There should be an option in their PC to delete the base. Enjoy!

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there is a simple way to make the person be removed from the base so you can occupy it.
Simply go into the base and go to the computer there and scroll down to delete base. Click yes twice and there there will be a second where it's a black screen and then you'll be outside the base but instead it will look like that of an unoccupied base meaning you're free to take it.

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And just incase someone decides to be a douche and block the computer by standing infront of it, you can delete any secret base you visited from the computer in your own base as well.