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I'm trying to make a sun team and I need some help with this.....

[email protected] rock
soler beam/energy ball

....I really need relable covage because soler beam can really suck aganst a rain,sand,hail team.....

[email protected] herb
flame body
flame burst
soler beam/hidden power grass

should I keep soler beam on them?


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I'd say- Solarbeam on ninetales. when it's sent in it will probably set the sun up, I think solarbeam is a good choice. Energy ball does work if you see LOTS of other weather teams. if you don't- just stick with solarbeam.

On magmortar, I think HP grass would be better because if you're up against a Pokemon and your sun setters are dead, you wouldn't be able to use solarbeam so I think HP grass would be best!

Hope I helped! :3

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thanks I think I'm going with solar beam on both but I'll give magmortar hiddin power grass anyways for safety.